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We pride ourselves on being professional, versatile, and affordable on providing care for your trees. When you need it, wherever you need it with the right tools for the job.

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Meet The Team

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Hi I'm Acea, I'm the founder of Xylem Tree Care, my aim is to bring quality and a professional standard of work to every job we take on. I have a level 3 diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture which enables me to have an understanding of trees and how they react to their surroundings, this in which allows me to advise my customers on the best solution for their trees and hedges.

What people are saying


Joan Fairley

Property Owner

Before Acea came to see me about my garden I would have to have thought it as the stage of 'The Secret garden'. However, after his booking and working non stop all day my garden has been completely transformed into what I call my own little Botanical Garden .... within the comforts of my own home.


Our Services

Crown Reduction

Our Crown Reduction Services reduces the size of the tree's crown to make the tree more manageable, this also helps let more light through the crown to light up areas which may have been shaded by the tree.

Crown Lifting

Our Crown Lifting Service allows for the removal of the lower branches within the tree's crown. this helps create a balanced crown which also allows more light to the surrounding areas.

Crown Thinning

Our Crown Thinning Service allows for more light to come through without altering the shape by removing select branches that cross or rub together.

Hedge Management

At Xylem Tree Care we don't just offer services for tree's, we also provide services for hedges in shaping, reduction, removal, and overall pruning.

Tree Removal

Our tree removal service can remove dangerous or dead trees which may pose a threat to the property or surrounding areas. the tree will be recovered and the stump will be taken as close to ground level as possible.

Garden Clearance

We also offer a Garden Clearance service where we will remove garden waste that is separate from any other waste made by our services, remove vegetation other than trees, etc.


Here's a quick look at some before and afters

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Rita's Hedges


A Hedge of Conifers looking much better after a haircut!

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